Before we explain about what is whatsapp marketing first let me explain about whatsapp. It is a free and cross -platform instant messaging app available for both android and other Smartphone too. Whatsapp uses your phone’s internet connection to send messages to other users. This application allows the sending of messages in text form, calls in voice and video form, images and other media to other users.

Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp Marketing: When we think of social media sites like Facebook, twitter come to mind immediately. But now-a- days messenger apps have actually caught up to social networks in terms of users and so messenger apps are increasingly used for marketing. The leader in messaging in most of the world right now is whatsapp with user base of 1.2 billion monthly active users. In Today’s world Whatsapp can be a very strong marketing tool for promoting business. We can use whatsapp to send images, audio files, short video clips of our products and text messages to users across the world. As per restrictions are concerned there are very less restrictions on this format of messaging and delivery chances are higher. If you want to get some good response from your customers you will need to come up with some creative ways and ideas to promote your business using whatsapp. People are developing new businesses using whatsapp as platform and some are using it to grow their business in a cost effective manner.

Text Whatsapp Marketing: To attract and keep the attention of your audience it is essential that u use all the resources that whatsapp has provided you. So when writing text messages for marketing on whatsapp you must use different unique styles while writing any text message and bold as a way to highlight the text information which you have to send to your customer. It is also very useful to enrich your messages with some videos, Gifs and photographs. Finally do not forget to add emogis to increase the expressiveness. You have to keep in mind that your customers have entrusted on you by giving their telephone numbers, so it is essential that you also provide quality and respect in your communication. So for communicating with your customers your messages must be brief, clear, and relevant with your business and also it must be orthographically correct.

Image Whatsapp Marketing: To make a successful whatsapp marketing it is better that you must take full advantage that the app offers you. First of all you need to place a representative profile picture of your business. In this regard an attractive and cordial representative logo of the representative is good choices. Finally to promote your offers without being invasive we can use whatsapp status. Finally we can say that whatsapp is an ideal tool to reach your audience, promote your brand or product and communicate with the public in real time through various modes.

Video Whatsapp Marketing: As per whatsapp marketing through video are concerned whatsapp offers you the opportunity to assist your customers and resolve their doubts in real time. Through this strategy you not only manage to improve the quality of your service but it also allows you to be loyal to your audience. In this regard you can take advantage of whatsapp web to optimize your communication with your loyal customers. It is the desktop version of the application which enables you to use the keyboard, microphone and PC camera also know as webcam which is much more comfortable and productive. Along with so much of video options for marketing its wide support for multimedia content allows you to send short clips, videos and various other video formats and all other kinds of information in video format related to your business products which comes directly into the hands of your clients.

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