Twitter Marketing. Twitter is an online social networking service where users post and interact with messages generally known as “tweets”. Users can registered with this service can post tweets and the users who are not registered can only read them. Users can access the service through its website interface, through sms or its mobile based application software. This service has gained worldwide popularity with more than 100 million users posting 340 million tweets a day.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing. As we all know that marketing is done for promoting business. So using twitter for marketing we can create a unique hash tag for our business and use it in our marketing to help people find our company and the conversations around it. In fact hash tags are a greater way to use twitter for better customer service and support. Before using twitter for marketing of our business we must first know the business benefits of using twitter:

  • It increases brand awareness.
  • It keeps up with the latest trends in the industry.
  • Promote blog content, video and presentations.
  • Drive website traffic.
  • Get instant feedback about the products and services of the business.

How to successfully market your business on twitter or use twitter as a mode of marketing:

  • You must optimize your twitter bio as your bio tells people who you are and you can also include a link to your company’s website.
  • Interact with the influencers and experts in your target area and interact with them on regular basis.
  • The first people to help build your brand must come through internally so let your any colleague involved in this matter.
  • You have to tweet regularly as regular tweeting is a sign of healthy and active profile.
  • Ask followers to retweet , mention or favorite your tweets.
  • Don’t be afraid to retweet as it will help link you and redefine your own thought leadership within your industry.
  • Follow trends/ hash tags.
  • Offer discounts or special deals to twitter followers.
  • Use images and videos to socialize and receive more clicks, views and shares than plain text tweets.
  • Use twitter analytics.

Twitter Followers : On twitter website “following” someone means you will see their tweets in your personal timeline of your twitter account. Twitter lets you see who you follow and who is following you. Followers are those people who receive other people’s latest twitter updates. How does u get followers on twitter:

  • You have to follow more people.
  • You can also use some tools to schedule your tweets.
  • You must optimize your Twitter bio.
  • You can use links in your tweets too for getting more followers.
  • Post great content
  • Use hash tags while tweeting.
  • Make sure your content is sharable.
  • Reshare other people’s content.

You can also join a twitter chat, do multitasking or respond to people who are interested in similar content.

Twitter Retweet: If you are new to twitter you might be wondering what a “retweet” is exactly. A retweet is when you republish a post that another twitter user has written to spread the word among your own twitter followers. You might also retweet something that you disagree with along with your own opinion about that subject. Retweeting is also an integral part of many twitter accounts. A retweet can be abbreviated as ”RT”. If you see a tweet that ends with “Please RT” it means that the poster is asking you to share the post with your friends and followers.

Twitter Favorites: Twitter favorites were first of all used solely to bookmarks which you wanted to read later. Your favorites are public so it is kind of open index of your favorite tweets. People Favorite tweets for many reasons. When you favorite a tweet you add a star to the tweet depending on the user’s notification set up sends a note to let them know that you absolutely love them. Usually when we favorite tweets it’s because we want to save something. When there is an article which I want to read later, I usually hit at the star. If I want to “like” an article I just go ahead and Retweet it. If you want to see you favorites they are available on the profile on the left hand side. If you want to see other people favorite you can see it on their profile page.

So as explained above about the twitter marketing and the various ways by which twitter marketing can be done for the promotion of your business. If you are also interested in promoting business through twitter marketing then we at APDATEZ can help you for this service. We have various marketing professional and experts which can provide you any type of social marketing for you business. You just have to read our company’s guidelines and conditions of the company before continuing with us for further services and after reading this you can contact us.

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