Google AdWords is actually a platform that helps businesses display Ads on Google and its advertising network. Google Ad words are a system which is based partially on cookies and partly on keywords which are determined by advertisers. With Google Ad words you can create Ads for your business and also can choose when your Ads will appear. Google uses these features of Ad words to place advertising copy of pages where they think it might be relevant for their business. Advertisers have to pay when users must divert their browsing to click on the advertising copy. Partner websites which are in tie up with that company receive a portion of the generated income.

Google AdWords

AdWords offer services such as pay-per click advertising and cost per acquisition advertising. The Ad words program includes the advertising distribution of Ads on local, national and international level. There is also a feature of Ad words known as Google Ad words express which is aimed at small business that reduces the difficulty of managing Ad campaigns by automatically managing keywords and ad placement.

Google AdWords Website Promotion: If you are a pro to website marketing and promotion then Google Ad words can be quite intimidating. One of the biggest misconceptions about Google Ad words is that you need to put in a lot of time and money to make it worthwhile especially if you are a small business with a limited budget. Google Ads can be profitable for the promotion of your business website if used well and a waste of time and money and if used poorly. These Ads are actually the promotional links proposed mainly on a search results, actually triggered by the search terms themselves but they also appear on sites where Google Ads are displayed.

Google Ad words Business Promotion:. Before promoting your business on Google through Ad words we must have to follow 4 steps:

  • First we must have to set the budget for the particular Google Ad.
  • We must have to set the location. Google lets you decide at what geographical location you want your Ads to show.
  • Choose a network.
  • Choose your keywords.

Using Google Ad words for promoting your business you will get an advantage to reach new customers at the exact moment when they search for the products and services that you offer.

Google Ad Words Call Option: These options actually allow you to show a phone number in your ad word Ads. For call option call extensions are also used that lets you add phone number to your Ads which can significantly increase click through rates. When your call extension will show on a website people can tap on it or click on a button to call your business directly. This increases your customer engagement with your Ads and you will get more chances to get and track your conversions. Ad words may also set up an automated call extension when your website has a phone number and your business goal includes an option in getting people to call you.

Google Ad Words Video Promotion: Before you advertise your channel’s video with Ad words for video make it sure it offers a unique and easy to see value for every viewer. If are using Google Ad words to generate leads and increase the sales you have probably noticed that competition has increased for many keywords over the last few years. As a result of this competition it becomes more expensive to run a traditional Ad words campaign.

Actually many marketers has yet to discover Google Ad words for video and this has created a huge opportunity. With Ad Words for video you will find less competition and also much cheaper keyword costs. Of course you heard that right costs also vary greatly depending upon your industry and keyword focus.

Google Ad Words Display Banner Ads: There is more than one way to display Ads. As there are various ways like as displaying as text including two lines of text and URL, through email, banner type Ads and display on various apps. As by displaying through banner, with images or rich media these Ads let you include customized layout, interactive elements animations and many more.

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